Controls are your cybersecurity & data privacy program ---- A control is the power to influence or direct behaviors and the course of events.


SCF Premium Content - SCF Training

YourGroundwork is an authorized SCF partner and provides education and training for organizations that need help to accelerate the adoption and implementing of the Secure Controls Framework (SCF). Their material is written by practitioners, for practitioners.

We know the SCF can be intimidating and has been referred to as "the spreadsheet from hell" and that is where YourGroundwork is invaluable to educate stakeholders from start to finish on SCF implementation:

  • Establishing baseline criteria (e.g., identifying your "must have" and "nice to have" requirements from the SCF's catalog of laws, regulations and frameworks).
  • Educating stakeholders on how they can use the SCF as more than just a control set.
  • Building metrics and reporting capabilities.
  • Using SCF Connect as a SaaS model vs Excel.
  • Integrating other premium content solutions to augment a SCF implementation.
  • Building educational material for Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM) to ensure suppliers/vendors are aware of their cybersecurity and data protection requirements.
  • And much more!

Contact YourGroundwork to see how they can help your organization adopt and operationalize the SCF.