Controls are your cybersecurity & data privacy program ---- A control is the power to influence or direct behaviors and the course of events.

SCF-Specific Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solution

SCF Connect is an authorized SCF partner and created its GRC platform specifically to provide a cost-effective way to operationalize the Secure Controls Framework (SCF). It is a SCF-friendly platform to implement, manage, and report on your cybersecurity program. The SCF Connect team has been helping clients and partners build scalable SCF based programs for years and are excited to bring the benefits of common controls framework based cybersecurity and data protection to a wider audience with this new GRC platform! 

The SCF has been affectionately been called "the spreadsheet from hell" and there is some truth to that, which is why many organizations leverage a GRC platform to operationalize the SCF. What sets SCF Connect apart from other GRC solutions is that SCF Connect was built specifically to support the SCF from the ground up. This makes SCF Connect your "one stop shop" to operationalize the SCF in a Software as a Service (SaaS) format. 


Simple | Straightforward | Priced To Be Attainable

SCF Connect helps eliminate the guesswork associated with operationalizing the SCF and takes the SCF's capabilities to a whole new level:

  • Intuitive SaaS platform that eliminates the need to use Excel.
  • Straightforward and simple solution to tailor and assess controls that includes the SCF's maturity model criteria and Assessment Objectives (AOs).
  • Priced at $200/month!

SCF CAP - Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

SCF Connect is an independent organization from both the SCF Council and SCF Accreditation Body (SCF-AB). The integration of the SCF logo is due to it being the official tool for the SCF Conformity Assessment Program (SCF-CAP) where SCF Connect will serve as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for third-party conformity assessments. SCF Connect is designed to interface with other GRC solutions via API, so your existing GRC should be able to populate evidence into a SCF Connect instance. Contact SCF Connect directly for any technical assistance questions on API integrations.

Features That Users Love!

  • Cybersecurity and privacy compliance posture - Get birds eye and granular views of your compliance posture across multiple requirements.
  • Evidence and asset managementAsset management allows you to focus on all critical assets within your organization while collecting evidence to continuously monitor your Cybersecurity program for assessments and audits.
  • Advanced reportingGet easy to read reporting that not only provides ongoing status awareness, but directs your compliance activities efficiently, saving time, money, and effort
  • Supply chain visibilityManage third party risk with in-depth visibility into your entire supply chain
  • Data integrationConnect to data from your GRC/IRM and operational security tools to fast track implementation and assessment of your cybersecurity program.